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The amount of the 2018 annual assessment is $315.00 per quarter.  The assessments are due each quarter (on the months of – Jan, Apr, Jul,  Oct), and delinquent after 30 days.  The assessments can be paid monthly or yearly (in advance) if desired. After 30 days past the payment due date a late fee of $25 per month (Policy Resolution 03-1) and an additional 6% per anum in interest (as specified in the Covenants) will be assessed until the fees are paid.  


Republic Service previously known as AAA is provides waist management for Kenwood HOA. 

One of the most common complaints the Board receives is the accumulation of litter and how much this litter detracts for the aesthetics and enjoyment of our community.  A major source of this litter is ourselves and the use of plastic bags for the disposal of our trash.  The bags are frequently secured poorly, fall over easily, get picked at and opened by birds and other animals, and generally lead to trash blowing all over the neighborhood.  The by-laws clearly state that all trash is to be placed at the curb IN RECEPTACLES not plastic bags.  You have been provided a receptacle so please use it.  Keep in mind receptacles are to be stored within your garage.  Please see an excerpt of the by-laws below:

Article VI, Restrictive Covenants, Section 8:  “Trash shall be collected and stored in receptacles only and not solely in plastic bags. Trash and garbage receptacles shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection, except those receptacles designed for trash accumulation located in the Common Area.  No accumulation or storage of litter, new or used building materials, or trash of any kind shall be permitted on the exterior of any Dwelling Unit.”

Republic Services –  Disposal – 703-818-8222

Trash in Kenwood is collected on Mondays and Thursdays after 6:00 am.  Trash can not be placed out prior to dusk the evening before trash day.

Trash is NOT collected on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day and other National Holidays.  Trash will be picked up the following trash day unless other wise indicated by Republic in a communication. 

Trash containers shall not exceed 50 pounds per container. 

Republic Services – Website

Republic Services – Recycling

Republic Services – Local Pickup Schedule

Large Item Pick-up

You will need to call the Republic Services office 24 hours in advance of your pickup day and they will take some bulk items on your normal trash pickup day.  For appliances, metal or heavy items they will service with a different vehicle.  Please call the customer service department at (703) 818-8222 for the schedule of these pickup dates.  There is a nominal fee for the special pickup based on the type of item.  Prices begin at $50.00

What is accepted for residential curbside recycling?

Currently, Republic Services provides curbside recycling collection for all plastics #1-7, cans, glass bottles and jars, and Mixed Paper.

Mixed Paper Includes:  junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, phone books, cereal and cracker boxes, and flattened cardboard (Republic Services would prefer 3 ft x 3 ft).  Again, the trash company collects cardboard/cardboard boxes as part of recycling but not with the regular trash.  This change is mandated by Fairfax County.

Curbside Recycling – Items not acceptable are  light bulbs, ceramic dishes, cookware, pizza boxes, plastic or wax coated paper (milk cartons), hardcover books, Styrofoam, plastic bags, aluminum foil or foil pie pans.  Please check their website frequently for a list of newly accepted recyclables. 


All vehicles must be parked in a designated parking space.  You may not park at the end of your driveway, any area not designated for parking, any curb area painted yellow, or allow your vehicle to extend beyond the apron or over a sidewalk.  Vehicles parked in fire lanes are subject to towing without notice.

Unassigned parking spaces are available on a “first come, first served” basis in the Kenwood Townes Parking-lots.


All decks and fences have been grandfathered-in as of the “Annual Meeting 2011” by vote of Kenwood Townes HOA members.  Meaning you are allowed to paint your deck and fence in the current color without approval.  Any changes to existing color will need to be approved by the Board of Directors Kenwood Townes.  For more detailed information see the Miscellaneous Documents and Forms in this website.