ARB Request


C/O American Management of Virginia, Inc.
722 East Market Street #201
Leesburg, VA 20176
Tel: 703-771-3995 Fax: 703-771-4185

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! Do not fax applications to the office. Faxed applications will NOT be accepted. You must submit two (2) complete copies of your application. Please be sure you have provided all required information. Incomplete applications will be returned. Plan your projects in advance. The ARB will not be responsible for deadlines. Please submit only (1) improvement per application to avoid confusion and/or project delays. You may attach any relevant document(s) by uploading them bellow.

Request(s) can be submitted via mail or email at the address above. CLICK HERE to download the PDF “ARB Form”, OR – SUBMIT FORM ONLINE see bellow…


You must submit this information as it applies to complete your application. Your application will be returned to you if you do not submit the required material.

1. Detailed written description of improvement including placement, construction/installation details, etc. (If not provided application will be returned pending additional information). Be as detailed as possible so that the ARB/Board will be able to clearly understand your intent.

2. Plat/survey of your property/lot. Indicate the location of the proposed change(s) on the plat.

3. Sketch, photo or manufacturer’s brochure showing the design/style of the improvement.

4. Description of materials. Color/finish of the material — include color samples.

5. Architectural plans/drawings (for major additions/improvements) — construction details. Elevation and overhead view drawings are required for improvements such as decks, screened porches. etc.

6. Grading plan, if applicable.

Applicant hereby warrants that Applicant shall assume full responsibility for:

a. All landscaping, grading and/or drainage issues relating to the improvements (including replacing bonds or escrows posted by Developer currently in place affecting the lot)

b. Obtaining all required City, Town, or County approvals relating to said improvements.

c. Complying with all applicable City, Town, or County ordinances.

e. Any damage to adjoining property (including common area) or injury to third persons associated with improvement.

f. Applicant hereby sates that they have read the ARB guidelines and agree that all work performed will be compliance with those guidelines.